WordPress Websites

User-friendly and secure open source software

Need a new website? We can give you sound advice all the way from content architecture to design, user experience, and technical implementation. And we can also program your site for you – provided you give us the freedom to use WordPress to do so.
Six reasons why WordPress is our content management system (CMS) of choice:

  1. WordPress is flexible and grows with the success of your business; there’s an immense ecosystem with extensions to the base installation. The CMS is just as suitable for small businesses as it is for websites with millions of page views per day.
  2. WordPress is open source: A worldwide community ensures its continued development and security. WordPress is over 10 years old and is constantly tested and improved for stability. You don’t pay any license fees.
  3. WordPress is user-friendly: It’s as easy to use as Word, and you don’t waste valuable time on training your staff.
  4. WordPress simplifies search engine optimization: with built-in SEO plugins, you can make sure your website will be found.
  5. WordPress is the market leader: In 2020, its share of the CMS market was over 35 percent, and worldwide over 43 percent of all websites (including those without CMSs) relied on WordPress.
  6. WordPress means freedom for customers: By using WordPress, you maintain your independence. You’re part of a large software community, and if necessary you can easily change developers.

Sound good to you too? We look forward to your inquiry: