Media Relations

Your news in newspapers, radio and TV

Free advertising sound good? Proper media coverage can massively boost your company’s brand recognition, especially in Switzerland, a country where the classic media, unlike social networks, continue to enjoy a high degree of credibility.   

Relevance and timing crucial

Even if you don’t have to pay anything for media coverage, you can expect to have to do some preparatory work. There are important questions to clarify:

  • Is a piece of news interesting enough for journalists to run with it and turn it into a report, or even ask you for an interview? Can you offer a gripping (ideally topical) hook? Do you already know journalists who might be particularly interested in your story?
  • What channels are the most important for spreading your news? Where can you best reach your target audience: a newspaper with national reach, a radio show or a trade publication?
  • Is your content adapted to the needs of your desired audience? Is it linguistically correct? Are there exciting images, graphics or videos that could be included? (Online media are especially grateful if you can provide this).
  • Is it worthwhile sending your press release to all editorial offices via a news service?

Keep an eye on new channels

The media landscape is ‒ fortunately ‒ in constant flux, and depending on the segment there are always players able to compete very successfully with traditional media houses. Among the 15-29 age group, social media and other online formats already have the greatest influence on opinion. So, it pays to keep an eye on emerging platforms, bloggers, and influencers. They could be your multipliers of tomorrow.  

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