Data visualization

Let pictures do the talking

Evolution is to blame. It has ensured that we process images many times faster than text. We can process images of familiar objects within fractions of a second.

This preference of our brain is THE opportunity in terms of communication. Most people can grasp data more easily if it’s conveyed as images. Often connections only become visible when data are visualized.

Would you like to be able to produce graphics that inspire your customers and employees, and make you stand out from the competition for all the right reasons? There are three effective ways of doing this: 

  1. Aesthetics. Surprising and appealing shapes, a harmonious choice of colors, clear lettering, and the right size: producing good graphics is an art.
  2. Interactivity. Users find interactive formats particularly attractive because they allow them to learn on their own. Different filters make it possible to make sense of larger amounts of data and divide them into subgroups.
  3. Real-time data. The volume and value of data, and its availability to the public, are all increasing. Visualizations with real-time data can help raise awareness of a specific problem. They’re also an integral part of dashboards, for example to show current business KPIs.

Whatever your communications goal, the market for data visualization is growing rapidly. There’s something to meet almost every need. Sparked your interest? We’d be happy to evaluate your options in a personal meeting.