Web Tracking

Get to know your customers!

The online world offers you the chance to get to know your customers better, even without direct contact.

Website analysis and SEO

By using one of the popular tracking tools, you can find out what areas of your website are in high demand, what channels and devices people are using to get to you, at what times, etc.

It’s just as easy to determine how well your organization is doing in search engine rankings and whether – ideally – it appears on page 1 of Google. (With a market share of 92%, Google remains the most important search engine in Switzerland).

Define strategic goals

With the data that these programs evaluate by default, you get very extensive, but not necessarily strategically relevant information.

It really gets exciting when you align the tracking specifically with your business goals. To put it bluntly you could say: What kind of behavior do you want from your customers? Once you’ve clearly defined your strategy, the next step is to consider which tools you can best use to measure your success – or failure.

If you decide to adopt a truly data-driven online strategy, the project has no end date. It’s the beginning of a journey in which you continually approach your customers’ needs with ever more accurate hypotheses, getting to know them better at every turn. 

Data privacy challenge

Web tracking is an extremely exciting field, but it also has its limitations. There are major limitations resulting from stricter privacy regulations, increasing restrictions on cookies, and various technical hurdles on the vendor side.   

Google Analytics 4

As of July 2023, Google will discontinue its Universal Analytics and offer only the completely rebuilt Google Analytics 4. Is your company one of the 50% already using Google Universal Analytics? If you want to continue to use Universal year-to-year data next summer, now’s the ideal time to make the switch. Or are you taking this system change as an opportunity to review your tracking strategy from the ground up?

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